Ally Fashion

Tell us a bit about your shop or service: Ally is a rapidly growing Australian & New Zealand fast fashion company, with 50 new styles arriving every week, we have something for everyone! 

What’s in season or really popular right now with shoppers? Graphic t-shirts & yellow paired with denim. 

… and what’s your favourite thing instore at the moment?  I'm loving all our reflective mermaid and unicorn accessories - so cute! 

How long have you been working here? I have worked at Ally since the store opened in October last year.

Are you a big or small crew, how many of you working there?   
Only Small! There are 5 of us Ally Girls! 

What do you reckon is best part of your job? New trends are up there but for sure meeting new people is the best part, so make sure you come say ''Hi"! 

What are your interests in life? Any hobbies, interests or mad obsessions? 
Apart from being addicted to new clothes and fashion I'm OBSESSED with horses! I have 5 and wish I could take them everywhere with me. 

So, do you think your shop or service helps make shoppers’ lives easier? If so, tell us how: Our shop definitely helps make peoples lives easier as they no longer need to travel out of Singleton for on trend clothes and accessories, we have it all!
Do you have local customers you know by name, or like to have a chat with? Of course! We have our regulars who are very supportive of the brand and we love to chat with all our customers!

What is the funniest or most unusual request you’ve ever had from a customer? We are only new so there's not too many funny stories as of yet, however I'm sure there will be many fun stories to tell in the future! 

Do you have a fave time in the centre and if so why? My fave time of the year in the centre is for sure Christmas time! I love the decorations and how busy the mall is, plus lots of sales!